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I grew up in Hong Kong and now live between there and the UK, two environments in some ways so similar and in others so different. My interest in diamonds began around ten years ago after helping in a relative’s diamond business. Coming from a background in dentistry I have a strong affinity for aesthetics and precision, two qualities key to success in the world of bespoke jewellery. Diamonds quickly grew into something close to an obsession and in 2010 I studied at the prestigious International Gemological Institute in Antwerp, Belgium, the centre of the diamond universe.


Since then I have devoted my time and energies fully to creating my own business. I love to travel and meet interesting people from different parts of the world. I am fascinated by the possibility of combining different influences in my work such as traditional and modern, western and asian. My aim is always to listen to my client's needs and then create unique high-quality pieces at prices which I can guarantee offer wonderful value for money. My greatest reward, however, is to see the joy my work brings to others and it has been my pleasure to have played a very small part in some beautiful love stories. Finally, I am a co-founder of a charitable company, Luxury Preloved which sells used luxury fashion items to raise money for charity.



MBA (Leeds), D.G. (Antwerp)

My interview (Youtube video)

Photo by Hilary Chan Photography

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